Murals, Faux Finishes, and Painted Furniture in Connecticut

For over thirty years, I have owned and operated a decorative painting business based in the beautiful Farmington River Valley area of Connecticut. My murals, decorative wall paintings, faux finishes, trompe l“oeil, and hand painted furniture appear in numerous private home and business across Connecticut, including municipal buildings, medical offices, and retirement homes. My mural skills encompass many styles including vintage, classical, architectural, whimsical, and children“s murals.



What to expect: Murals

I bring my love of nature to my mural work: luminous skies; soft green foliage; and atmospheric perspective; and painterly details comprise a landscape mural. These wall paintings are designed to create a mood or aura in a room, transforming spaces into places of beauty, inspiration, and relaxation.
During an initial color and design consultation, I work with my clients to determine the best type of interior technique to match your desires. Techniques include antiquing, colorwashing, combing and strie, damask, fresco, frottage, woodgtaining, marbling, plasters and textures, relief work, stenciling, stone effects, and trompe l“oeil. In private homes, I also interview family members to discover their preferences: tastes in style; design and color; favorite places to visit; pastimes; what they love; what they consider to be beautiful. I creates scenes reflecting the unique personalities of the family members. People often tell me: You“ve painted it exactly as I pictured it in my mind!


Painted Furniture

I create custom designs and finishes on any furniture, new or old. Many customers enjoy having an old piece form around the house, a yard sale find, or something from and unfinished furniture shop, recreated into a work of art. I will transform armoires, beds, bureaus, tables, chairs, etc. into one-of-a-kind heirlooms. Using graining, antiquing, fine decorative painting, and a variety of finishes, I will created a piece that will bring delight for many years.