Expressive & Therapeutic Arts


Judith Bird

Judith teaches workshops and individual sessions in Expressive Art for adults and children. Expressive Art is used as a means of creative self-expression, where the process itself is primary and the product is secondary. This allows participants to explore and experiment with a sense of freedom and self-acceptance. Through guided imagery, and meditation participants are able to access inner awareness and discover personal imagery. In a supportive atmosphere, people are encouraged to experiment and play with simple art materials, and allow self-expression to emerge naturally, igniting the creative spirit within. This process is relaxing and stress reducing, and helps to create a sense of wellbeing and emotional balance. No artistic ability is necessary for this work.


Expressive Art Sessions for Children

 These sessions focus on self expression as a therapeutic experience, and will be designed according to the needs or requests of the child and parent. The approach is supportive, encouraging, nurturing and playful. The art sessions may be used to explore and express feelings, learn ways to relax and become more focused, build self acceptance and confidence, adjust to family or life changes such as illness, divorce, grief/loss.

  • Increase self-esteem and self awareness
  • Promote emotional well-being
  • Enhance social and communication skills
  • Develop ways to decrease stress and anxiety
  • Build self confidence
  • Foster understanding and insight


Birth Art Workshops

 Group and individual sessions celebrating the birthing process.
In these sessions birthing women:

  • Learn simple relaxation methods to use throughout their pregnancies.
  • Become aware of the body’s own imagery and communication.
  • Learn ways to access inner wisdom.
  • Transform fears and doubts, and develop a sense of trust.
  • Explore various forms of self-expression using simple art materials.
  • Create mandalas with personal symbolism to focus energy for labor.
  • Make and decorate belly casts to commemorate the pregnancy.