Expressive & Therapeutic Arts


Judith Bird

I teach workshops and private sessions in Expressive Arts in the Farmington River Valley and across Hartford, Litchfiled, and Middlesex Counties through the Connecticut Library Consortium. I work with clients to access their inner imagery, symbolism, and creativity to nurture self-growth and promote relaxation, health and general well-being. For many years I worked as an Expressive Arts Practitioner and Reiki specialist through the Bristol Visiting Nurse Association, and continue that work at Cherry Brook Health Care in Canton, CT. I taught art at the former Hunter Montessori School in New Hartford, CT., Farmington Valley Art Center, and Litchfield Performing Arts.


Expressive Art Sessions for Children

 These sessions focus on self expression as a therapeutic experience, and will be designed according to the needs or requests of the child and parent. The approach is supportive, encouraging, nurturing and playful. The art sessions may be used to explore and express feelings, learn ways to relax and become more focused, build self acceptance and confidence, adjust to family or life changes such as illness, divorce, grief/loss.

  • Increase self-esteem and self awareness
  • Promote emotional well-being
  • Enhance social and communication skills
  • Develop ways to decrease stress and anxiety
  • Build self confidence
  • Foster understanding and insight